Monday, November 16, 2009


Roll on for Moulder! Woo woo!

Lords/Heroes (676)
Throt the Unclean (225)
Warlock Engin-err, Moulder Sorceror-level 1, Skavenbrew (115)
Moulder Sorceror-level 1, 2 Dispel Scrolls (115)
Chieftain-BSB, Storm Banner, tail weapon, poisoned attacks, shield, great weapon, additional hand weapon (he has a lot of arms, 151)

Core (722)
2x Rat Ogres-2, 1 packmasters (88)
Giant Rats-30, 5 packmasters, Skweel (230)
Giant Rats-28, 5 packmasters (124)
Giant Rats-10, 2 packmasters (46)
2x Rat Swarms-2 (50)

Special (352)
4x Rat Ogres-2, 1 packmaster (88)

Rare (500)
Hellpit Abomination-Warpstone Spikes (250)
Hellpit Abomination-Warpstone Spikes (250)


Death by papercuts. 2 big blocks of rats that either have good static CR and 2 mean characters, or a regen/poison/double attack nightmare. 6 units of ROgres serve as pseduo weapon teams, running into flanks or smashing fast cav/skirmishers. Frenzy is trick, so we've got 2 smallish units of rats and Swarms to force them the right way. 4 dispel dice and 2 scrolls are adequate magic defense and the Storm Banner does mean things to shooting armies. Also A-bombs murder pretty much anything.

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