Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Battle Report: BTs vs Orks

Hey, just got back from the shop.

I figured I'd try out my Termies as Black Templars today in an effort to figure out how I want to use them. I pretty much nicked Stelek's list, as here:

Castelan w/ power sword, storm bolter, terminator armor
Command Squad-4 termies, Tank Hunters, 2 assault cannons
Marshal w/ power sword, storm bolter, terminator armor
Command Squad-4 termies, Tank Hunters, 2 assault cannons
Emperor's Champion w/ Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds
3x Sword Brethren Terminators-5 termies, Tank Hunters, 2 assault cannons
3x Crusader Squad-5 Initiates, 4 bp/ccw, lascannon


My opponent, Bill, ran Orks. I have seen him around before but never played him, during our game we chatted and it turns out he's been playing off and on since 2nd edition. We talked a lot about Gorkamorka (most of his models were from 2nd ed, cool stuff!) and Space Hulk and how all the old things are better than new things. Good times.

Warboss w/ powerklaw, 'eavy armor, twin-linked shoota, cybork body
Warp 'Ead
9 Nobs, cyborks, 8 powerklaws, twin-linked shootas, 'eavy armor, Painboy, Trukk w/ reinforced ram, red paint, armor plates
3x 20 Sluggas, 2 rokkits, Nob
8 Warbikes, Nob
3 Rokkit Buggies
3 Kannons
Looted Wagon w/ boomgun, 'ard case
3 Killa Kanz w/ big shootas

We rolled up Annihilation and Spearhead.

I won the roll off and deployed my termies spread out with my heavy weapons as close as possible, with the Initiates on high ground or in cover with good fields of fire. I wanted to nuke that Trukk and the Bikes ASAP so I could gun down the boyz at my leisure.

Bill spread his Bikes in a line to cover his boyz, deploying 2 units on high left flank with the Trukk, Buggies, and Kanz, while another unit went into some cover on his right with the Boomwagon. Kannonz deployed on a hill in the rear.

Turn 1
My termies inched into range and I began shooting. I rolled so many 1's and 2's to hit it was nuts, all I managed was 5 Bikes and they passed their morale test, plus a shaken Boomwagon. Trukk got popped, but he made cover (those damn old Trukks are TINY!)

Bikes ran up, Buggies moved up, boyz on my right moved up, Trukk zoomed around a building, staying behind cover. Wyrdboy rolled 'Ere we go and his unit teleported into a building near my lines, losing about 6 of them to terrain. Shooting was uneventful, everything went into 1 Termie squad and I only lost 1 of them, they ran to the newly arrived unit if boyz.

Turn 2
The previously raging unit was now out of position, so I tried moving back towards my lines. Unfortunately, they were in difficult ground and I rolled a 2, so I decided to abandon caution and go for those boyz in the same ruin. Everything else took a step back. Shooting accouted for the remainder of the Warbikes, 2 Buggies (lol Squadron rules + open-topped), the Trukk and a handful of boyz in the building. The 4 man Termie squad charged in, lost 1 model and murdered the majority of that unit (powerfists re-rolling to hit is redonkulous!), forcing a test and seeing them break at below half strength. Whoo hoo, 2 KP for the Wyrdboy and unit, right?

Wrong. He rolled 'Ere We Go again and they teleported over to an empty part of my side of the board, giving them a good 6 turns to reach the edge. The Warboss and Nobs moved into the building previously occupied by the Wyrdboy's unit, looking to charge the victorious unit. Boyz moved up, Buggy ran behind cover, Looted Wagon and Kannons did a fat lot of nothing. He popped his Waagh! and the Nobs made it into my Termies, slaying them all and losing 1 (made a ton of invuls!).

Turn 3
Interesting development. Everything moves back again and I commence shooting. The Wyrdboy's unit is reduced to him and the Nob, Buggy laughs off 2 lascannons (damn cover), Nobs get reduced to 7 plus Warboss, Boyz in the open cut down to about 12. Boomwagon goes boom.

Nobs break cover, hoping for another Waagh!, Boyz head up, Kanz move up, staying in cover. Wyrdboy fails his psychic test, Kannons bring down a Termie, Nobs bring down 1 from the Marshal's unit, forcing them to get into stupid range. They get charged, EC manages to bring the Boss down to 1 wound, Marshal connects with every attack and nails a Nob and a half. EC gets killed off, all 4 Termies get killed, and 4 Nobs get pasted. I win combat miraculously and the Nobs bail.

Turn 4
Nobs are on the run, press the attack! 2 units move up to support the Marshal, 1 heads right to go finish off the Wyrdboy's unit. Buggy continues to defy me, other lascannon goes wide of the Wyrdboy. Killa Kanz get obliterated by 1 unit of shooting (Tank Hunting Assault Cannons ftw), Nobs lose another friend, more boyz get dragged down. Marshal and 5 Termies jump into assault, whiff spectacularly and we're left with the Warboss, 2 Nobs and a Painboy vs 1 Termie and the Marshal.

Boyz move up, Wyrdboy continues to fall back. Fails his psychic test again, shooting proves uneventful. Nobs and the Termie do nothing to each other, yawn.

Turn 5
My only unhurt Termie squad moves into the fray. Shooting from my Castellan's unit kills off more boyz from the hurt unit and they move in for the kill. Buggy continues to defy me, Wyrdboy'z Nob buddy is slain. In assault, the Marshal slays the Warboss (every hit connected and wounded, good job!) and the Nobs are wiped at the cost of the sole survivor of a unit of Terminators. Consolidating to the right, looking for a fight. The Castellan's unit charges in, gets unceremoniously cut down (1 left), but thanks to the Castellan I still win combat and the Boyz flee.

Buggy zips around cover, Boyz on the far left finally move, keeping the Wyrdboy safe inside. Shooting nails the Castellan's friend and leave him on his own, he takes 2 rokkits and 3 kannon rounds to the face and stands defiant. We roll up another turn, yayz.

Turn 6
Marshal joins the last unit of Termies and heads left to catch up with the Castellan. That DAMN FUCKING BUGGY lives. The Castellan heads after the fleeing Boyz. Shooting accounts for some boyz. The Castellan runs down the fleeing boyz.

The Orks desparately try to gun down the Castellan in the open, but the Emperor smiles upon him and he takes everything on the chin.

So we end it. He killed the Emperor's Champion and 4(!) units of Termies for 5 KP while I accounted the Warboss, Nobs, Trukk, 2 units of Boyz, Kanz, and Warbikes for 7 KP. Victory for the Black Templars.

I didn't do as well as I wanted. Righteous Zeal is both a blessing and a curse and my opponent exploited that to good advantage. I need to take that into account later. My biggest problems was rolling and positioning, like always. My lascannons were always firing, but at that damn buggy that passed every fucking cover save! It got kinda crowded with 25 Termies running around too, getting them up on hills helped a great deal. My opponent's list was pretty poor too, but he ran it well as one can.

Good game.


Unknown said...

Good report Chumby - though his slugga wielding orks foot slogging? And two transport choices, not a tough list tbf.

Chumbalaya said...

Yeah, footslogging and a single Trukk does not a solid list make.

Stelek said...

Chumb: You never have to move the full distance of a zeal move. Most BT players don't realize that. You are still in control of your army. Not Khorne from last edition, for goodness sake. lol

Chumbalaya said...

Wow, didn't know that, sounds pretty handy though.