Sunday, June 13, 2010

2000 Skarry Night

Screwing around with army builds is fun.

Skarbrand has the potential to be a very potent force multiplier.  However, his re-rolls go both ways so you have to kill before you can be killed.  Slaanesh units seems to fit in with him best, oddly enough.


3x 6 Fiends, 1w/ Unholy Might

4x 5 PBs

Fast Attack
11 Seekers
2x 10 Seekers

Total - 2000

So, the army basically focuses on Skarbrand buffing the already killy Fiends and Seekers to crazy awesome levels.  Really, the army isn't that reliant on him to be good, it's got the mobility and weight of rending attacks to do fine, but he helps loads.

Fateweaver acts as a red herring.  People see him and he becomes target #1.  Since Skarbrand is the only MC here he needs protection too.  With Fatey in tow everything gets a lot tougher, which helps with Skarbrand's weakness: making the enemy better at killing you.

So, the game plan is simple.  Drop Fatey and Skarry together with whatever assortment of rending nasties they may need and go to town. 


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