Wednesday, June 9, 2010

E-mail: Sanguinary Guard list

E-mail in:
Hey Chum. This is Dante. We meet on Vassal for a half game, my All Sang Guard against your Nids.

I was wondering what your general impression is of this list in a more general gaming environment.


1 Sang Priest, Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol (goes with Dante)
3 Sang Preists, Jump Pack, Power Weapons (with various Sang Guard units)

5 Sang Guard, 5 infernus Pistols, Power Fist, Chapter Banner (Dante's unit)
5 Sang Guard, 3 infernus Pistols, Power Fist
5 Sang Guard, 3 infernus Pistols, Power Fist
5 Sang Guard, 5 iPlasmaPistols, Power Fist
5 Sang Guard, 5 iPlasmaPistols, Power Fist

1850 pts, 30 models. 

Oh, I remember all too well :P  All those 2+ saves and FNP laughed at pretty much all my firepower and my crappy deployment sealed the deal.  I still have it saved if you ever want to pick things up.

I love the Sanguinary Guard list, but I don't think you can do nothing but them and have a competitive list.  The main problems are the lack of range and the big achilles' heel of AP2 stuff, particularly plasma.  Swapping Sanguinary Guard for Vanguard, Honor Guard and including a Librarian are all good ways to balance out the list and make it more capable against a wide variety of opponents.

Vanguard allow you to limit enemy return fire by jumping right into assault.  They are also one of your two sources of Storm Shields on jump packs, enabling them to go after stuff like TH/SS Termies, MCs and stompier combat units that would give your Sanguinary Guard trouble.

Honor Guard provide you with embedded Sanguinary Priests, which are especially useful in a Bloodwing considering how difficult it is to hide ICs in 5 man squads as well as "real" meltas and more Storm Shields.

A Librarian gives you the all too important psychic defense, and utility powers in the form of Blood Lance for dismantling castles and mechwalls and Shield of Sanguinius to give you protection should you need to drop in the open.

Dropping 2 Priests, 2 units of Sanguinary Guard (you can lose the plasma pistols since infernus are just better in about every way) and a few infernus pistols here and there (a couple AP4 bolter shots before charging can really help against hordier enemies like Guard, Gaunts and Orks) to fit in Honor Guard and Vanguard as well as a Librarian.

Check out the progression of my Bloodwing army if you want to see how I came to this kind of list.

Hope that helps, and I hope to play you on Vassal again (or IRL if we can swing it, where in the world are you anyway?).


Kirby said...

What Chumb said. Bloodwing is workable but gets better when you essentially replace ASM w/Sang Guard and keep the VV/HG around.

Mercer said...

I like thos amentments Chumb, gives me a idea. I'[m going to check out your Bloodwing too :)