Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shenanigans Mk2

Got another game in with my new Tyranid reserve army.  Batrep is incoming later.

After some thought and discussion with other peeps, I've made some tweaks to the list.

2x Hive Tyrant w/ Bonesword and Lash Whip, Heavy Venom Cannon, Wings, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Hive Commander

2x 2 Zoanthropes in Spore Pod

2x Tervigon w/ Catalyst, Onslaught, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Stinger Salvo
2x 10 Termagants

Heavy Support
2x Carnifex w/ dual brainleech devourers, Spore Pod

Total - 2000

So, I dropped the VCs on my Pods in exchange for HVCs on my Flyrants and Onslaught for the Tervigons.  The VCs have not been very useful at all, actually more detrimental than anything as the scatter can send the shot so far off course and my army will catch up to the spores so quickly that I can end up hurting myself.  Spores are crazy fragile anyway so increasing their cost by 50% isn't necessarily a good idea.  Onslaught is in to mitigate the effect of bad scatters or increase the range of Zoanthropes should the enemy try and flee.  HVCs on the Tyrant do what the VCs on the Pods should, suppress light armor, only they are more accurate, stronger and capable of hitting different targets.  Stinger Salvos are in on a suggestion from MagicJuggler about their use against tanks, particularly side shots I can get from outflanking.  Since I can kill infantry with just about everything else, adding more suppressive fire makes a lot of sense.

So now I add in 4 more units that can suppress armor at range, pretty much making every unit capable of shutting down mech while capable against infantry.



Kirby said...

I'm happier. I must say it looks like GWvsJohn's list now :P.

Dethtron said...

I've had nothing but good luck with my VC pods personally. Nice extra couple of chances to threaten transports.

Mercer said...

Acid blood on the Tyrants if you're taking lash whip!

I'd worry about anti tank. I ran a list more or less like this and from off the bat you have no range anti tank; you're waiting on the Zoanthropes to drop in and do what they do, but then they can only tackle 2 armour units. Personally I've found Hive Guard to be freakin' awesome. I've tried units of 2 and they work ok but 3 really is the sweet spot, but I may need to do some juggling ;)

Chumbalaya said...

Kirbs, 2 questions. 1) Where did you bury GWvsJohn? and 2) What did his list look like when he was alive?

Dethtron, I thought the same too, but then my spore pods kept either shooting my other units as they advanced or just themselves. Besides, the basic Ripper Tentacles are capable of doing the same thing (sticking a couple S6 shots onto a tank to shake it up). I'll see if those 80 points are better spent now.

Mercer, I like the acid blood/whip combo, I just don't see many things that can actually swing back at a tyrant, let alone cause a wound :P I may swap out onslaught for it if I want to try it out.

The anti-tank in this list is less focused on destroying tanks (exception being the Zoanthropes of course) and more on shaking, stunning, and immobilizing them so I can follow up with a charge from Carnifexes, Flyrants, even Tervigons. Everything is capable of doing at least that, from the Tervies and their Stinger Spines to the masters of stunlock, the Devilfex.

I'll post up a batrep today and see if I can't get another game in tonight.