Monday, June 14, 2010

My Loganwing

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath, Chooser of the Slain, Terminator Armor, Saga of the Beastslayer

2x Lone Wolf w/ Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield

10 Wolf Guard, 2 WGTs w/ cyclones, 1w/ combi-melta
3x 5 Wolf Guard, WGT w/ cyclone, chainfist, 2w/ combi-meltas

Fast Attack
3x 1 TWC w/ powerfist, storm shield

Heavy Support
3x 5 Long Fangs, 4 w/ missile launchers

Total - 2000

This is pretty much what I've been running, albeit with more melta just in case I need it.  WG and LF provide ridiculous amounts of dakka while TWC and LW run out to munch or tie down problem units for me.


The Brotha said...

I like it. Mine has way less dakka than yours. I use the same amount of WG but I have two units in DP with 6 combi-meltas and 2 combi-flamers each then I have an empty pod that cock blocks and gives cover for TWC. My TW are just like yours. I may give yours a spin.

I only have the one LF unit. The LW is a good Idea I think. I'll play around in AB with your list and then test it out.

Thanks for sharing!

Chumbalaya said...

I like the dakka a lot. I may not have as much melta as I'd like, but massed S8 (S9 with tank hunters) and cavalry jumping around with S10 fists I should be able to handle any heavier armor that shows up.

MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

Looks like a tough list.

How have you fared in Kill Points missions? It seems like it would struggle because of the easy kill point Thunderwolves.

Chumbalaya said...

T5 3+/3++ is pretty damn durable, and any shots going after them don't go after my Wolf Guard and Fangs.

KPs I normally don't sweat just because my army excels at dismantling mech and killing infantry en masse. All told, it's only 9 KPs plus the Lone Wolves' negative KPs.

The Brotha said...

I am definitely going to give Chumbalaya's list a swirl this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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