Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BA and Tyranid FAQs

Everybody else has been talking about the FAQs so I figured it was plenty covered.  However, this thread on Dakka inspired me to post, if only to laugh at the ridiculous amount of butthurt and ego bruising contained therein.

Linkies here and here.

The Good:
1) Well, it's great that GW is putting these out relatively quickly.  Hopefully we'll be seeing these sooner and sooner.
2) They're called official errata and clarifications, none of this "GW's house rules" bullshit.  Awesome.
3) They're clear and to the point, no wordy answers.  Yes and no is all we need, save the fluff for the bunnies.
4) Idiots who thought Doom could affect models in transports got TOLD.  Fuck off, you dipshits.
5) Sanguinary Priests and Mawlocs work like I've been playing them.  Deff Rollas and Doom too.  I'm awesome.
6) Watching Gwar! completely lose his shit because GW gave answers almost universally opposite of his shitty FAQ, just to spite him because they know him and openly want to make him feel bad.  Hardy har har, Gwar is a fucktard.
7) Similar kneejerk butthurt from RAW fundies and people who think Doom got nerfed (pro tip: you were doing it wrong from the start dipshit).

The Bad:
1) Hive Commander doesn't stack.  Since the ruling on Astropaths I should have seen this coming, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.
2) People had to have it spelled out how Doom and Mawlocs work, also that Vindicators use large blasts.  Fucking A, really?
3) Changes to Mycetic Spores and Hive Commander have hurt my Reserve Tyranid army.  Now I'll need to redo it or just see if it still works.
4) They came out relatively quickly.  Months is not a good waiting period, even for obvious answers like Doom and Mawlocs.

The Fucking Stupid:
1) Shadow in the Warp doesn't affect models in transports.  Hooray, lets make Tyranid anti-psyker measures shitty and force people to use Deathleaper.
2) ICs cannot join units in Mycetic Spores.  The fuck?  Way to make dropped Warriors useless.
3) Units cannot deploy normally and lob empty Mycetic Spores.  Less options, awesome.  It's not like dropping free KPs in somebody's face is that powerful.
4) Furioso Librarians cannot take Extra Armor.  Why?  God dammit, GW.

Overall, it was a good FAQ.  GW is getting better bringing out timely errata and clarifications with less fluff and more substance.  Hopefully they'll get the next set out even sooner.


Kirby said...

I cannot believe people on dakka are arguing over whether Vehicles can actually roll the 5+ cover save from Shield.


Get over it.

Mercer said...

Some gay answers in here Chumby. Indeed WTF moment.

The_King_Elessar said...

Dakka is full of fucktards.

Now, the weather...

Messanger of Death said...

GW gets my thumbs up just because they bent Yakface, Gwar and the INAT Rule Book all over at the same time.