Monday, June 14, 2010

My Bloodwing

Librarian w/ Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius, Jump Pack
Honor Guard w/ jump packs, 4 storm shields, 3 meltaguns, powerfist

2 Sanguinary Priests w/ jump packs

Sanguinary Guard w/ 2 infernus, powerfist, chapter banner
2x Sanguinary Guard w/ 2 infernus, powerfist
5 man RAS, meltagun, infernus

Fast Attack
2x Vanguard - 5, jump packs, lightning claw, 1 melta bomb

Total - 2000

This one is a bit different from the last Bloodwing I posted.  I went for the ridiculous anvil HG to run with Dante so they can take anything on the chin (like the Termies whose LR they just pwned) then H&R away to melta them to death later.  The VV are now more for tie down and killing weakened units, though I could drop 1 unit and buff the other up similar to the HG.  The mini RAS I added as a cheap scoring unit to hold back objectives or a sacrificial melta unit.  Game plan is the same here, reserve up and drop in reliably with lots of melta and durable units with an anvil to smash my hammers against.


Mercer said...

I'm not sure what Honour Guard do so I cannot comment.

RAS that's Rhino Assault Squad?

Looks interesting and a small army, how many model it got? About 30?

Anonymous said...

How about a bit more anti-tank on the VVs?

If you declare a heroic intervention and transports stay intact a single melta bomb may not suffice. Wouldn't one thunder hammer be a nice addition??

Chumbalaya said...

Mercer, Honor Guard are basically a command squad with an embedded Sanguinary Priest. Hard as nails, they are.

RAS is just a regular assault squad, so 5 jumper marines. It's a very small army indeed :P

Brolo, I would love to have the VV beefier, but that all costs points I don't really have. Any ideas on what I could get rid of?

Anonymous said...

As the sang guard cannot heroic intervention and are all (hopefully) going to be rocking Ini5, Str 5 power weapons I don't think the fists are needed quite as much as high Str weaponry on the vanguard. But that does take some of the wound allocation fun away from HG.