Saturday, June 12, 2010

E-mail: Angels Encarmine

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'Ello Chum, this is Rybnick I've recently started my adventures in WH40k with my first army the Blood Angels (more specificly the Angels Encarmine). I've flip-flopped a few times on how I want to play my army, but I've finally decided that I want a fluffier force. For my the Angels Encarmine that means Death Company.

Now I've read everything I can find on many blogs (yours of course, as well as Kirby's, Stelek's and many others) about how it's hard to squeeze them into a competitive list, but how would you squeeze them into a fluffier list? I don't plan on fielding only DC, but a smaller unit will nearly always be included in my list making. I'm not after a super competitive list, but I would still like to give my opponent a good game.

At my local shop we tend to play games @1850 pts, so that's what I'm shooting for with this list. I'd really appreciate your help in massaging this list into something worth playing.

Librarian - 125pts
- JP
- Shield of Sanguinius
- Sanguine Sword

Reclusiarch - 130

Sanguinary Priest - 95pts
- JP
- Power Sword
- Meltabombs

Furioso Dreadnought - 235pts
- Librarian w/ Blood Lance and Shield of Sanguinius
- Extra Armor
- Heavy Flamer
- Drop Pod

Death Company - 195pts
- Additional DC (2)
- Power Fist
- Razorback w/ TL HF, extra armor

Death Company Dreadnought - 135pts
- Heavy Flamer

ASM - 235pts
- Additional Marines (5)
- Meltagun (2)
- Power Fist

ASM - 195pts
- Meltagun
- Power Sword
- Razorback w/ TL Asscan, extra armor

Fast Attack
Baal Predator - 125pts
- TL Asscan
- HK Missile

Baal Predator - 125pts
- TL Asscan
- HK Missile

Land Speeder Squadron (2) - 120pts
- HF
- MM

Heavy Support
Predator - 135pts
- Autocannon
- Lascannon Sponsons

Not a horrible list in my opinion but like I said I just recently started playing (about 2 months ago) so I may be way off base. Any thoughts on areas that could be improved or should I just start over from scratch? Thanks for your help. 

Hey there, thanks for asking <3  I do a lot of hyper competitive stuff, but making a fluffy army with teeth is a fun challenge.  Well, it isn't so challenging with the 5th ed Codices being so good at mixing fluff and competitive goodness.

I think DC are great for throwing out as a big threat that your opponent has to deal with, otherwise they tend to fuck shit up.  Keep them relatively cheap and throw them into a speedy transport and you're set.  The way you have them set up here is great.  Not too expensive to cut into the meat of your army, but still enough of a threat that your opponent has to deal with them. 

The Reclusiarch, though, goes against the idea of the disposable DC.  With him, you are invested in that unit.  You can almost field a whole new unit for the price.  It's between that and the single Drop Pod as my biggest problem with this otherwise solid list. 

I think a Razorspam type deal with lots of TL Assault Cannons would be a good way to go with this.  Take the DC and 2 Librarian Dreads as your assault units and you'd be set. 

Librarian w/ Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius

2x Librarian Dreadnought w/ Wings of Sanguinius, Might of Heroes, Extra Armor, Magna Grapple
2 Sanguinary Priests

4x 5 RAS, meltagun, infernus, Razorback w/ TL assault cannon
6 DC, powerfist, infernus, TLHF Razorback w/ extra armor

Fast Attack
2x Baal Pred w/ HB sponsons

Total - 1850

You don't have much in the way of long range shooty, but look at all that armor rushing/flying/scouting towards people! 

Hope that helps.


TMiles001 said...

I didn't think Librarian Dreads had access to upgrades? Like when you put any HQ in Terminator Armour and you lose access to the regular wargear...

Chumbalaya said...

I read it as you can't swap your arms for Blood Fists or Blood Talons, but since Magna Grapples and Extra Armor is listed separately you're ok.