Sunday, November 1, 2009

eBay is the devil

You know, I could use 5000 points of Tomb Kings.

I really want a Warp Lightning Cannon. 200 model Skaven lot for only $150? Hell yeah!

I'm looking for cheap IG stuff, but it would be nice to start a Dark Eldar army. Who cares if it's just 1 Raider and a crap load of Incubi and Talos, it's cheaper than normal!

I need help.


jcroxford said...

I feel ya! It's a sickness.

Farmpunk said...

That's why my wife forbade me from looking on e-bay.

I have WAY too many IG missile launchers because THEY WERE JUST SO DARN CHEAP.

but I did pick up an exorcist in the box for $30 (normally around $60 from GW)

You've got to be disciplined, and hunt for the good buy, set a good doller limit for yourself, and don't go over it.
I usually set a 'bargain' price, and then don't check on the item until after I'd won or lost it. That way, I'm not spending too much for that Praetorian Meltagunner it would be SO cool to own.

Unknown said...

E-bay shopping can be classed as a illness :P

Though, e-bay is the devil for seller charges! WTF!