Monday, April 26, 2010

1850 LoganWolf

Look, TKE, it stuck!

I've been using my 2k LoganWolf list in test games, prepping for upcoming tourneys.  Well, the first one was a wash.  I've got more coming up, but they're at 1850, so I need to chop points.
I want to keep the core of the army, namely Logan and his super duper cyclone squads.  TWC and Lone Wolves make for excellent assaulty units as well as bullet magnets, so I want to keep them.

The core:
Duh, he's kinda essential
Rune Priest w/ Chooser, Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath
Psychic Defense, D6 shot autocannon, DS defense, infiltrator/outflanker defense, and some more power weapon attacks.  Terminator Armor is an option to buff his survivability, as is Saga of the Beastslayer to make him nastier against stuff his runic weapon enjoys smashing.
10 Wolf Guard, 2 cyclone WGT
Logan's squad, biggified to make the most of Tank Hunters early on.  4 mobile lascannon shots a turn isn't too bad for a foot list, right?
2-3 5 man Wolf Guard packs, 1 cyclone, chainfist WGT
The extra squads, set up for maximum firepower, decent CC presence, and low cost

At the barest of minimums, that stands at 1105.  Not bad, that's 745 points for toys, like combi-meltas, wargear, Sagas, TWC or Lone Wolves.

So, my core is made up of mobile firepower and scoring units.  Missile Launchers can threaten any vehicles short of AV14, MCs, tough infantry and they can even go after hordes with massed small blasts.  The only things I don't like are 2+ saves and AV14.  Logan's Tank Hunter unit can threaten AV14 with las-missiles, but 2+ saves still cause problems that I can only solve with massed fire.

Well, I've got the shooty, but I'm kinda slow and not great in HtH.  Enter the TWolf.  Smashy, speedy and tough.  My 2k list has a TWM Wolf Lord and 9 TWC, but I can't fit that in here.  I could simply swap the Wolf Lord for Lone Wolves and call it a day.

RP w/ Chooser, Lightning, Tempest, Beastslayer, melta bombs
2x Lone Wolves, terminator armor, chainfist, storm shield
10 WG, 2 WGT w/ cyclones, 2 WG w/ combi-meltas
3x 5 WG, WGT w/ cyclone and chainfist, WG w/ combi-melta
3x 3 TWC, powerfist, bolter, bolt pistol

1850 and looking pretty good.  9 cav models of smashy doom plus Lone Wolves to run interference.  I could drop some WG to afford the Wolf Lord, but I like my firepower first and the TWC as support.  This is my preferred set up at present, just because it has everything I like about my current 2k list without losing much more than my superhero.  TWC are nasty, but they aren't my only trick.  Flexibility is key here, and I think it's got it plenty.

TWC running up the field solo seem a bit naked.  How about some bullet catching Fenrisian Wolves?  I could go for 2x 4 TWC and add 10 Wolves without much change.  I go from 3 threatening assault unit to 2, but they're both beefier and I get cheap cav support to screen or go after weaker targets.

Now, if I go for Wolves, why not go whole hog?  Drop 1 unit of 5 WG (painful, I know) for Canis, 20 Wolves, and 9 TWC.  I lose 2 missile shots and a scoring unit, but damn do I have some cav power running around.  Canis is fragile for a TWM Lord, but damn is he killy.  Fenrisians are good for screening, killing weak infantry and tie down, but re-rollable Ld and I5 is even better.

I could also make something similar to Stelek's Loganwing.  It gives up mobility in exchange for a nasty amount of missiles.  3x 5 Fangs with 4 missiles each is only 345.  That's enough to afford 2 solo TWC w/ powerfist and storm shield as well as 2 Lone Wolves with chainfists and storm shields.  There aren't many of them, but they're a bitch to kill and very killy themselves.  Those extra 20 points can go towards combi-meltas just in case.

So, I've got a lot of options really.  Even when keeping the same core I can make 3 very different armies, which is why I love the SW book.

Now, I ask the community, which do you think would be best and why?


Dverning said...

Hrm... I think I'm going to have to vote towards the last option of more Missiles.

Right now you have a semi-aggressive force that is focused heavy on shooting. If you chunk all the rest of the force towards CC, I think you're going to end up fouling your own lines and being inefficient at both roles.

I think you'd be fine spending points on 1-2 decent CC units or even a single big deathstar. After all, you need some form of deep field aggressor. But I'd use the majority towards upping your firepower.

Chumbalaya said...

Hmm, most interesting. You make a good point and I do like missiles.

Lack of mobility shouldn't be a big problem when half my shots can walk, plus I've got good back up assaulters. 400 points should be plenty for something to reach out and slap somebody.


grant said...

Makes me a sad panda to see how badly SW beat the tar out of Blood angels.

The missile list with las cannons would trash your/my hybrid BA list.

For pure nasty go for the missile build.

Chumbalaya said...

I don't even want to think about it. My hybrid hates S8 en masse, and that's all this list brings, plus powerfists.

It was put best on YTTH, "a ball-crushing number of missiles" lol

Matt Sutherland said...

The Missile build is pretty nasty. I played with a 2000 pt variant this weekend, and it caused a lot of damage. The one problem it had was a lack of decent CC punch (I didn't play with any TWC), and so I labored against my opponents Termies (2+ save against the missiles is rough).

I like your addition of the TWC, especially the ones riding around with Storm Shields and Fists. I could have really used that hitting power in my game.


PS. what do you use as your TWC models?

Chumbalaya said...

TWC should be handy for bringing down/tying up baddies that missiles have a hard time handling.

My TWC are Fantasy Chaos Knights with SM bitz. I'll be posting up pics of the army when I get a chance.

Gustav said...

I made a similar list but 1750:

Logan Grimnar 275

Wolf Guard Pack [10], 2 Termies w. Cyclone Missile Launcher w. 4 Combi-Melta 290

Wolf Guard Pack [5], 1 Termie w. Cyclone Missile Launcher 135

Wolf Guard Pack [5], 1 Termie w. Cyclone Missile Launcher 135

Thunderwolf Cavalry [4], 1 w. Powerfist, 1 w. Thunder Shield, 1 w. Meltabomb 260

Thunderwolf Cavalry [4], 1 w. Powerfist, 1 w. Thunder Shield, 1 w. Meltabomb 260

Long Fangs [5] w. 4 Missile Launchers 125
Long Fangs [5] w. 4 Missile Launchers 125
Long Fangs [5] w. 4 Missile Launchers 125

with a few points left. Haven't had a chance to try it, still putting the cavalry together.

Chumbalaya said...

That looks plenty good Gustav, let me know how it works out for ya.