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Vassalmunda: 'Splainin' To Do/Batrep 1

Ok, so as I'm just learning Necromunda I'm gonna go chronicle my thoughts as I'm going through the gang-making process as well as my first game.

I couldn't pick my House so I decided to roll off randomly.  I got Cawdor.  Looking at their Skill and weapon lists, Cawdor tend to be dudes who favor getting up close and fighting/burning people.  I'm ok with that.  I'll just need to get into combat/flamer range to do most of my damage.

I went for 2 Heavies, 6 Gangers and 2 Juves to start.  Gangers are necessary to collect income, so the more of them you have the more likely you are to get full monies, plus they start with experience and a decent statline.  Heavies are my only way to unlock the Techno, Muscle and Shooting Skills outside of my Leader, plus they have access to heavy and special weapons.  Unless you want to take tons of models, I see no reason not to take 2 Heavies from the start.  Juves are a project that need work, but with some safe play they can advance quickly and may get awesome.  

I equipped the majority of my gangers to fight up close and personal with pistols and knives for the extra dice in HtH.  This helps offset their low WS and A, plus I still have a gun should they advance in BS or something like that.  My leader has a super awesome chainsword and bolt pistol to make his combat even more potent (didn't stop his dumb ass from rolling snake eyes and getting captured in his first game!).  But hey, you can't just Ork it up running across the board.  In that respect, I gave one of my heavies a stubber, which is probably the best heavy weapon out there considering it's crazy rate of fire and low cost and 2 of my gangers lasguns.  Lasguns are reliable and effective at any range.  Shotguns I picked up for flavor and a little extra ranged punch, I can always swap them around should my fighters advance to higher S or WS or unlock cool weapons or skills.  Flamers are awesome too, so I added one!

So, going into my first game I knew I had to get closer to do most of my damage.

ProfessorCurly's gang is House Delaque, so they'll most likely be sneaky and shooty.  Good.  Let the heretics hide in their holes, the light of the Emperor can reach even the darkest tunnel.

I forgot to save pics this time, but for my future games I will do so.

We played a Gang Fight and I deployed first.  Skabbs and Tron deployed on the right on top of a warehouse, so the former could get a commanding position with his gun and the choppy fella could protect him.  Stelly was pushing through the ruins down below.  Agogue and Irasci deployed on ground level, behind cover in order to best cover most of the gang.  The shotties and lasguns deployed in teams of one each on either side of a large roof, Professor and Rollins on the left and Kirbs and Pip on the right.  Teek deployed in between the groups.  Finally, Jeevie took on the left flank at ground level.  In theory, I have a wide field of fire with lots of mutual support.

Curly went heavy to the left flank to avoid my stubber most likely.  Everybody spread from left to mid with plasma gun bookends.  3 Juves tunneled thanks to his ratskin map or whatever.

I went first and pretty much waited, since I outranged the majority of his gang.  His tunnelers came up in a space I forgot to cover, 2 managed to come up behind Tron and knock him down, but Skabbs blew them away with his stubber.  The last Juve got charged by Irasci and Agogue, but Agogue rolled snake eyes for his combat and got downed, while Irasci dispatched the upstart Juve.  Teek got downed for no reason other than he's silly, and Jeevie got too close to a plasma gun and spent most of the game sucking wind.  I took out all of Curly's tunnelers (2 out of action, 1 down), pinned a plasma gun, downed a Juve, and took a random ganger out of action.  He chose to fail his bottle test and we called it then.

Now, for injuries, Teek and  Jeevie jumped up and were fine, but Agogue rolled a 6 and had to get hurt.  He rolled Multiple Injuries (gulp), 5 in total, and managed to get captured 4 times while miraculously surviving.  I shit you not.  Everything else I rolled was full recovery or captured.  Just to rub salt in the wound, almost all of Curly's fellows walked away unscathed and with 5 or 6 exp to boot , except for his Juve that went splat and one random ganger's eyeball.

Skabbs played like a pro, taking down 3 bad guys, and earned himself an advance.  He's now a certified field medic.  Man, I sure could have used that this game!  Teek played like a champ and earned a boosted WS.  Rollins earned some extra I.  So that means any fellas that get taken out of action have a better chance of pulling through.  Teek is already equipped for HtH, so now he's on par with a normal ganger, good for you buddy!  Boosted I is interested.  It doesn't do much of anything in combat, but now Rollins is more capable of escaping pinning or dodging stuff should he eventually pick up that skill.  Plus, he's got a longer spot check should I get raided.  I think he'll keep his lasgun.

Nothing really came up as far as purchases, apart from a Concealed Blade.  Man, that's really useful for a fighter who gets captured.  Now this game is taunting me.

So, next time I play Curly I'm running a Rescue mission to save Agogue.  Hopefully I won't do too terribly!

Necro's a lot of fun, if you aren't playing you should.

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