Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vassalmunda: Batrep 2

Got another game in with Curly last night, a Rescue mission to save my leader.
Going in to the Rescue Mission, I get D6 of my own gang to fight and he gets D6 sentries to protect the captive. If I alert the sentries, by shooting, fighting, or being nearby, he gets reserves to come in off a random board edge.  All I need to do is contact my leader for a turn to cut him free, then run off the board.

Seems simple enough.  Time to roll.
Me: 5
Curly: 6

Well, fuck.

I picked Skabbs, Irasci, Rollins, The Prof, and since I needed a redshirt, Teek.  I needed crowd control from Irasci's flamer, some close up choppy/shooty from the Prof and Teek, Skabbs to provide support from afar, and Rollins as the flex man.

I stuck Skabbs on high ground with a commanding field of fire, Irasci, Teek and Prof in some ruins with the shortest route to the action, and Rollins in between to move or support as needed.  Curly encircled my leader with most of his big guns, leaving 1 heavy and some fighters out of it.

I spent the best part of 3 turns advancing quietly, while Curly's sentries got distracted by shiny objects on the opposite side of the board.  When the time did come, Irasci broke cover too early, fired off his flamer, which only hit 1 guy, and caused a minor flesh wound (1 to damage).  Yes, I misjudged the distance and there were 3 enemies just outside of range.  Then, to make matters worse, he ran out of ammo and promptly set off the alarm.  Trying to make the best of things, Teek, Rollins and the Prof attempted to gun down the closest target, and all failed miserably.  Skabbs saw a bunch of enemies clustered together and sent a hail of bullets their way (6 shots!).  Not a single one connected (no, really).  

The rest was, as they say, history.  Irasci got pinned, Teek and the Prof went down, and I promptly failed my bottle test.  Agogue was sold to slavers, Curly kept his gear, and now I'm down a leader.  Awesome.  Also, Teek took a serious injury.  Now he causes Fear, good job Teek!  Flamer to the face = Horrible Scars, who knew?

It's not all bad, though.  Now that my gang rating is ludicrously small, I get bonus experience just for showing up.  Everybody but Skabbs advanced.  Irasci also causes Fear (Scary Rep), Rollins got Fast Draw (combined with his already high I, sweet!), The Prof got +1 BS, and Teek got +1S.  Yes, now Teek is WS3, S4 and causes Fear.  This guy is a monster.

I didn't get much moola because my gang is so big, but I managed to pick up a red dot laser sight for The Professor's shotgun.  That's right, man-stopper rounds with a 2+ to hit.  He's getting a boltgun as soon as I can afford it.  

So, I lost my leader but now I have a lot more experience coming my way, win or lose.  This'll turn my gang of scrubs into a crack team in no time.  Ld7 is going to be a huge problem, but I guess that means I won't be sticking around long after people get taken out.  Skabbs is a medic so I can always use that re-roll should I need it.

Next one will have pics, I promise.


Anonymous said...

More! More! This is awesome!

That Teek is going to be one scary mofo!

I'd be well up for joining in, haven't looked at the rulebook for about 10 years, but as it's free, that shouldn't be a problem. I still have 5 Spyrer models at home, is there a Spyrer option floating around??

Had another little play with Vassal40k today and I'm getting used to it a bit more. A game could be on the cards shortly.

Chumbalaya said...

This is my 2nd game of Necro, so I wouldn't worry so much about being out of it :P

I think Spyrers are good to go, only Enforcers are not usable due to apparent brokenness (I don't know myself, but I trust the vets on this one).

Send me an e-mail and I can invite you to the group.

The_King_Elessar said...

Sauce! I really gotta read the rules...I have it downloaded and all, just haven't gotten around to it... :(

Chumbalaya said...

I gave it a once over, but experience is really the best teacher. Big ups to Curly for walking my dumb ass through it all.