Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mono Tzeentch

Everybody loves Tzeentch.  If you don't, you will, or it was all part of the plan.  Even Creed can't surprise this magnificent bastard.  Or can he?  Just as planned.

Now, the Changer of Ways may have some awesome scheme for everything, but I don't see how his Daemon army fits into it.  Mono Tzeentch blows.  All mono god lists blow (Slaanesh swallows) to be fair, GW designed the book to encourage mixed lists, but they didn't have to neuter mono god for the fluffer nutters out there who happen to like winning the odd game :P  So now I'm going to slog through the pure Tzeentch build and see if we can make something unshitty.  Yayz.

Tzeentch units, for the most part, are shooty.  That's great and all, but most of it is short ranged and anti-infantry.  To beat mech armies, you need bolt.  Tzeentch armies, like any other shooty army, need to get their enemies out of their rides so they can't beat on them in HtH.  Tzeentch sucks at HtH.  Once they are out, you've got anti-infantry torrent fire on everything to blow them away.  What Tzeentch does have going for it is duality.  Every Tzeentch unit that isn't shit can do anti-infantry and anti-tank.  Horrors are a necessary evil, but they can provide sufficient torrenty firepower and the odd Bolt to surprise people.

Blue Scribes (why not?)
3x Herald of Tzeentch - Chariot, Bolt, Breath, Master of Sorcery

3x Flamers - 4, 1w/ Bolt

Horrors - 8, 1 w/ Bolt, Changeling
3x Horrors - 7, 1w/ Bolt

Heavy Support
3x Daemon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt, Daemonic Gaze

Total - 1998

Tzeralds, Flamers, and DPs are all your primary tank busters and genera purpose awesome units.  They can hit infantry or tanks with good results.  Flamers and Tzeralds are your CC units, kinda.  Jump Infantry/Jetbikes with uberflamers will reduce most units to ashes, especially if you concentrate your fire or just recently relived them of their transport.  They can also spit out 15 Warpfire shots at BS4.  DPs can CC, but they aren't the best at it (T5 4++ isn't very tough).  The Blue Scribes are there because he might surprise you.  You could easily drop him for another Tzerald if you can find 10 points, but it's not a huge difference.

Every unit is disposable, every unit is versatile (good againts infantry or tanks, up close or at range, sorta).  This gives your opponent no obvious targets and embraces the MSU style fully.

Scaling is tricky without seriously reducing your overall firepower, but stick with the basic ideas and you should be ok.


The_King_Elessar said...

Bolt is a cunt. I hate fucking Bolts.

Flukey Daemon players! Grrr!

(TKE is referring to a recent game in which the first two uses of Bolt by the foe destroyed a Rifleman in the side, and a Rhino, also in the side, effectively crippling his poor defenceless 1k army. When a LoC scatters in such a way that he gets a better shot, and when the second wave came in to the Daemon's advantage!!! TKE Blacked out, apoplectic with rage.)

Chumbalaya said...

Flukey, that's Daemons for you. Next game they'll scatter onto your shit and die.

Mercer said...

Not a Tzeentch fan tbh. I like Slaanesh betters. Though mixed lists is undoubtly the way to go, as you said.

Brent said...

That's my latest video battle report, though be warned we screwed up the rules for Tank Shock. All the others are also on my Youtube site, going all the way back to the beginning of my army.

Thanks for the interest Chumb - keep up the good work!


Raptor1313 said...

Honestly, of all the Mono lists, I'd probably lean towards Tzeentch as being the most effective.

Khorne could put up a decent Flying Circus with winged DPs and Bloodthirsters, but then it's all slow, and you've got no shooty.

I've seen mostly mono-nurgle be a pain in the ass in objctive games. 40-50 plaguebearers is just way too much to kill.

Pure slaanesh...arguably the least durable; and where are you ever going to find enough seekers?

Chumbalaya said...

I would largely agree with that Raptor. They all have their problems: Tzeentch lacks CC and durability, Slaanesh lacks durability to a hilarious extent, Khorne is either slow and useless or fast and expensive with no shooting, and Nurgle is inept at everything but not dying (except DPs). Of the mono-god lists I'll be posting, Tzeentch and Slaanesh have the most potential.

With most of them, a few unit swaps here and there and they get a lot better. But Tzeentch is different. Mono-Tzeentch needs to have everything shooty or you really dilute the one strength the army has.

Brent, subscribed, I'll give 'em a watch thanks.