Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vassalmunda: House Cawdor, The Luminous

They're callin' theyselves "the Luminous".  That words' too rich for me, too rich for anyone here I reckon, but Agogue spelled it out for us in his sermon.  'E says it means that they're gonna bring the Emperah's light down here, where there ain't ever been none.  'E also says that any shadows is gonna be burnt right up.  Dat last part sent a chill up me back.  'E seems a nice fella, but you can tell they mean business.  Whether that business ends up good for us regular folk, I can't be sure.  Best not to cross these folks.

Father Agogue, Leader - 180
Gear: Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 64
Now I see all these new folks comin' down here every day.  All of thems they come cuz they has no hope above and theys got no other way to make it.  This fella, this Agogue, he's diff'rent.  I know enough of tha old stories the crusty preachers is tellin' folks, but the Father here really does have the Emprah's Light in his eyes.  He's always doin' something to help people, even if it's giving them the lash to teach'm good.  They say he's never been outta the monastry, always readin', prayin' or trainin', by the Emprah he's a good shot!  'E's not like them other priest types, he actually wants to help us.  I say he should get out while 'e can, 'e doesn't know what it's like down here.  No good can survive down 'ere, not even him. 

Brother Skabbs  Heavy - 195
Gear: Heavy Stubber, Autopistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 64
Old Skabbs, why, he's ev'n older'n I am!  That rotter's seen everythin there is to see, an' he's got the marks to prove it!  Skabbs always looked out for hisself, that's why he's still kickin'.  But things changed, ever since dem Vipers got waxed.  Skabbs musta lost it back there, cuz he started helpin' folks, protectin' em, even up and joined the church!  I don't trust these uphivers and their Emprah, he hasn't ever done anything fer us thats fer sure, but if 'e has Skabbs on his side, 'e can't be all bad.

Brother Irasci, Heavy - 115
Gear: Flamer, Autopistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 62
Don't cross that one, he's as soon to set ya 'flame as he is to say howya.  It don't matter if you in his way, in reach, or even a hab or two away, he's gonna getcha and put ya to the torch.  Them Cawdor boys is cookin' up something all right, heh, cookin', and dat Irasci's da worst of the lot.  

Pip, Ganger - 75
Gear: Lasgun, Knife (free)

Rollin, Ganger - 75
Gear: Lasgun, Knife (free)
Exp: 25

The Professor, Ganger - 75
Gear: Shotgun, Man-Stopper Shells, Knife (free)
Exp: 26

Kirbs, Ganger - 75
Gear: Shotgun, Man-Stopper Shells, Knife (free)
Exp: 23

Jeevie Jay, Ganger - 65
Gear: Autopistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 21

Tron, Ganger - 65
Gear: Autopistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 24

Teek, Juve - 40
Gear: Autopistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 0

Stelly, Juve - 40
Gear: Autopistol, Knife (free)
Exp: 0

Gang Rating: 1320
Stash: 15 creds

Territory: Drinking Hole, Old Ruins, Old Ruins, Guilder Contact, Settlement

The Lummies set up shop in Skabbs' little village, convertin' them all and buildin' a new chapel house.  They've got drinkin' water and even an in with the Guilders to bring in supplies.  They say that they're here to save us all, but I'm seein' lots of teams goin' into the nearby ruins with picks an' shovels an' any "volunteers".  Call me an old cynic, but somethin's off.  But damn, it sure does look nice an' safe over'n their little village.  All they's askin' is for a few prayers.  If ol' Skabbs could do it, I don' see why I can't get a little slice of heav'n for meself.


Brother Loring said...

This brings back so many memories! This is where the Bro Ho started (but only played about 5 games). I happily get back into Necromunda if anybody played it. What is it like on Vassal? Surely the heavily layered terrain makes it tough??

The_King_Elessar said...

A Juve? :p

Mazoodem: An Arabic Bazooka.

Chumbalaya said...

Bro Lo, I just played my first game and it wasn't so bad. Multi-layered terrain is gonna cause problems, but if you discuss it thoroughly with your opponent beforehand it's much easier. Just like normal Vassal really. If you want, I'll toss you an invite to our campaign we're starting up.

TKE, you had a big game today. Leveled up and everything :P